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Posted on 23 November 2016

sambatribe design

Rafael Doria is currently one of Brazil’s most celebrated artists. He captures the country’s culture and lifestyle like none other, and he does so with beautiful colors, style, and great taste. Doria grew up in Rio de Janeiro and his inspiration comes from over four decades of samba music, street art, golden beaches, soccer and, of course, the ultimate carioca bohemian lifestyle.

For the reasons above, we invited him to join Sambatribe and share his unique art exclusively on our products. It’s an honor to have his work on our posters, t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, phone cases, and an on increasing array of products.

Doria is an eclectic artist, his work including street art, canvas and oil painting, drawings, stage design and scenery, album covers, skateboard design, among other forms. He exposes frequently in Rio de Janeiro’s galleries and also teaches art to kids, both in K-12 schools and in underprivileged neighborhoods and communities.

Rafael has embraced Sambatribe’s mission of expressing the essence of Brazil's lifestyle through artsy products. He will continue to draw exclusive designs for our tribe, helping us expand our product offering and, more importantly, our ways to represent Brazil with style.

* Post by Sambatribe founder Andre W.

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