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Saudade Article #3 - Brazil Online Resources

Posted on 02 February 2017

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This is the third post of the saudade series. This time around, we will talk about ways to stay connected with Brazil through social media and the web at large. We went deep and gathered some cool resources for all of you who dig Brazil – Brazilians and non-Brazilians alike – to stay up-to-date and be part of awesome communities.

There are several ways to experience Brazil on digital media and social networks, which makes connecting with the tribe easier. In some cases you may need to speak (or at least read) Portuguese, but plenty of English resources are also available - btw, if you want to improve your Portuguese check out StreetSmart Brazil.

If you don’t know Portuguese, worry not, for there are a few great English-language Brazilian news sites, our favorites being Brazzil and Brazil USA News. If you do know (at least some) Portuguese, well, then the sky's the limit and here is a list of 28 Brazilian magazines you can read online (!) We also love Brasileiros Mundo Afora, a magazine focused on the experience of Brazilians living abroad. These news sources let you both stay wired to what’s happening in Brazil and give you the Brazilian perspective on world news.

In terms of social media, when it comes to Facebook, the universe is really infinite. For that reason, we decided to focus on Facebook groupswhich tend to be more interactive than pages, both online and offline. There are tons of groups focused on Brazilians living abroad and non-Brazilians who love Brazil, where people share experiences, organize events and get-togethers. Some of the most actives are: Brasileiros nos EUA, Brasileiros em SF, Brasileiros em MD, Brasileiros na Florida, Brasileiros em Orlando, Brazilians and Americans, Brazilian Voice, Lemann Center for Brazilian Education @ Stanford, Brasileiras em Connecticutand Brazilian News

On Instagram, you can find several gorgeous accounts. Some are from Brazilian lifestyle bloggers, like Raquel PaivaKarla Gordilho, Juliana Manta, Bianca Castro, and Brasileiras de NY. Others explore the beauties of the country and travel, like Brasil.BrazilUnlimited Rio, Experience Brazil, Highway Brazil, Rio4Gringos, WonderlustRio, Brazilgram, and Brazil Repost. Yet others are more targeted, such as Brazil Fans for soccer, and Carnaval Brasileiro, the largest indoor Carnaval party in world, in Austin, Texas.

Finally, for the more professional types, the hottest group to be part of is LinkedIn's Brazilians Abroad Network Group. This group is formed by high-level Brazilian professionals living abroad, as well as non-Brazilians that have lived and worked in Brazil or otherwise know the country and language.

I hope you find these resources to be useful. Now you have no excuse to not be connected and know what’s going on in Brazil and among Brazilians abroad! :)

Have I missed any good resource I should have mentioned? Just leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to add the link to the post. Obrigado!  

Post by Sambatribe's founder Andre W.

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