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Saudade Article #1 - Brazilian Culture

Posted on 08 January 2017

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This is the first of a series of posts dedicated to the unique Brazilian sentiment of saudade (pronounced souˈdädə/). Saudade is a feeling of longing or nostalgia that is characteristic of the Brazilian temperament. Both Brazilians who live abroad and non-Brazilians who relate to the country often feel saudade of various things, from friends and family who are in Brazil, to the country's tastes, colors, culture and warmth.

While we at Sambatribe can't do much to bring you closer to family and friends, we can certainly give you awesome tips to manage the rest! :) This is what the Saudade Series of blog posts is about: great tips to help you connect with Brazil wherever you are. The resources are particularly focused on the U.S., but similar ones can be found in other countries too with a little research.

Today's post is about experiencing Brazil's culture abroad. Whether it is music, festivals, cinema or pop art, you can always find ways to connect to Brazilian culture right here in the U.S.

1. Check out Brazilian artists coming to your area

Many of Brazil’s top artists come to the U.S. periodically. Among musicians, some of the usual suspects include Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Seu Jorge, Marisa Monte, and Bebel Gilberto. Others, such as Sergio Mendes, actually live in the U.S. and are even easier to catch. Also, expositions by some of Brazil’s most celebrated artists, such as Vik Muniz and Beatriz Milhazes, and dance companies such as Deborah Colker’s, often come to America. To stay atop these cultural happenings, check out the event guides at The Brazil Club and Brazil-USA News.

2. Take part in Brazilian festivals

There are several annual Brazilian festivals throughout the U.S. and most certainly one near you. At these events, it is possible to feel the warmth and cheerfulness of the Brazilian people, hear Brazilian pop music, have a few caipirinhas, dance until your feet hurt, and of course meet lots of great people. Two of the biggest ones take place in New York: the Brazil Summer Fest, the largest international Brazilian music festival in the world, and the popular Brazilian Day. There are also events in Atlanta, Boulder, Arizona, Utah, Pompano, Philadelphia, San Diego, and pretty much any other major city in America. Do keep in mind that these can be pretty crowded and intense events, so plan accordingly ;)

3Attend a Brazilian film festival

Brazilian cinema is both a reflection of its culture and an element that has helped shape it. Brazil has launched emblematic movies in the past couple of decades, including City of God (2002), Elite Squad (2010), and Central Station (1998) - and it continues to do so. Stay atop Brazil’s movie production by attending its film festivals, such as the LA Brazilian Film Festival and the Brazilian Film Festival of Miami. You can keep up with new editions of the festival here.  

Did we miss anything? Leave your comments below! And stay tuned for our next saudade post, which will be about sports!

* Post by Sambatribe founder Andre W.

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