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Art and Soul of Brazil

Posted on 18 November 2016




In the previous post we talked about the tribe and what unites us. We also started a conversation about the ways we represent Brazil, wherever we are. This time around I wanted to share my two cents on one way to represent Brazil that I find specially authentic, passionate, and stylish. 

Take a minute to look at these images. One depicts a typical day at a Rio beach, with a guy flirting with a woman in bikini, vendors selling all types of stuff, a soccer ball lying on the sand, the ocean and blue sky in the background. The other shows a family preparing one of Brazil’s most typical and celebrated meals, a feijoada (black beans with sausages and meat, rice, spices), chatting away, drinking cachaça, while a guy taps the samba rhythm on a matchbox. 


What do these images have in common? The soul of Brazil. Art is arguably the most accurate way to portray a culture, a way of life. In these illustrations, you can not only see the colors, but almost taste the flavors and hear the chatters. Their beauty also carry a unique sense of pride and style.

At Sambatribe we believe good art does not have to be expensive and exclusive. It does not have to be something distant, to be admired only by a few. We see art as a unique way to represent Brazil and it must be casual and affordable. It shouldn’t only hang on walls, but also be something you can carry with you and serve as means to express yourself at all times.

Our mission is to bring Brazil’s essence to you, through different sorts of artistically designed products, so you can show off your good taste wherever you are.

As we grow our line of products, your input is of essence! Feel free to let us know in the comments below what type of products you'd like to see in our store.

* Post by Sambatribe founder Andre W.

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